Maximize your Impact with a Stock Donation.



Lifepoint Church partners with OVERFLOW for Stock gifts. Overflow is a digital solution for donating non-cash assets, enabling givers to donate in the most tax-efficient way. You can experience the ease of giving via stock in less than 5 minutes from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Did you know...

  • Donating stock after it has appreciated in value for a year allows you to deduct the full appreciation value from your taxes and protects your realized gains from being subjected to long-term capital gains tax, which can be up to 20% of the gains.
  • If you donate stock for less than a year that has appreciated in value, you can avoid up to 37% in short-term capital gains taxes by donating that stock.
  • Nonprofits are exempt from capital gains taxes, so your stock donation allows the nonprofit to utilize the full amount of the donated funds.
  • You can deduct the fair market value of the stock just like you would a cash donation when you itemize deductions in your next tax filing.
  • This means you can save up to 20% in long-term capital gains taxes and 37% in short-term capital gains by donating your appreciated publicly traded stock directly to your favorite nonprofit.

Why Generosity at Lifepoint?

There are some amazing people living in our city. The areas surrounding our campuses are also the areas so many call home. Our desire is to create a community where those people can get to know God, find freedom in their lives, discover their purpose and make a difference in their community.

God continues to accomplish this purpose through YOUR generosity!

Thank You!

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